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Well, our pals at the secret-sharing app Whisper just put together a sobering collection of confessions from guys who just had their hearts broken, and hooo boy. Get ready for the feels. Feel free to memorize "Is it just me or is someone chopping onions in here? What these secrets make plain is that men have feelings too, and there's nothing pathetic or embarrassing about that. Missing your ex , missing a feeling of happiness, missing a sense of completeness in your life — those are human emotions.

5 Completely Honest Confessions From A 20-Something Virgin

If only we could all be this in touch with our feelings, we might get into fewer bar fights. But that's a whole other story Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. When It's Your First Love. When There's No Spark. When The Hurt Is Real. When Good Goes Bad. From confessions about being a parent, to confessions about doing it for the first time—you can literally find confessions about anything on there. And what makes these stories special is the fact that we know they're submitted by real people and are not just made up.

One topic that always gets a good laugh is dating. Oh man, there are so many hilarious, weird, and awkward ones, It was almost impossible to choose only 15 of them but I managed.

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So, here they are, 15 hilarious and quite weird Whisper confessions about dates that went horribly wrong. Going out on dates can be exciting and hopeful most of the time. You meet so many different people and you never know which person could be the one. Was it that handsome guy who always talks about the gym? Or what about that girl who can't stop talking about her cats and dogs? Or maybe it's that cute nerd, who's convinced that aliens are out there. That has never happened to you? Well, the person who wrote this confession experienced just that.

He or she was on a date with this good looking guy, and everything was fine until they went to his place.

When It's Your First Love

That is when he started talking about aliens. Not creepy at all, right? Imagine going out with a perfect guy—handsome, smart, well-educated, and loves dogs yes, that is very important. So he takes you on a date to a very fancy restaurant.

Everything is going perfectly; even you can't believe it. Then, once have finished eating, and talking about yourselves, you decide it's time to go home. You're a bit nervous about how the night will end—will it be an awkward hug, handshake, or will you guys actually kiss? Well, he kisses you, and it was a pretty good kiss! But then he says something that will shock you, "You remind me of my sister! How is the person on the opposite end of the kiss supposed to react to that kind of statement?

I mean, I know they say that sibling love is strong, but come on Rumors are just statements circulating from person to person whose validity has not been confirmed, right? One would think they're harmless.

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But no, they're not. They can literally ruin people's lives and we all love rumors, don't we? But sometimes, rumors are so hilarious that you're not sure if they're true or false. Take a look at this confession about a first date gone wrong. Imagine longing for a boyfriend or girlfriend and they ended up saying THAT to you What would you think? I know, it would be pretty awkward. Like, why even bring it up?

14 Disturbingly Honest Bad Date Confessions

Kissing is one of the most important things when it comes to first dates if there is any kissing, that is. You might like the person with whom you're on a date, but the kiss will tell you what to do next.

17 Honest Confessions About Dating Someone With Herpes

Will the kiss be wet, with too much tongue, or no tongue at all? Any of those possibilities can influence your decision. Well, this person didn't have a good experience with one of his or hers kisses. You see, when they started kissing, the guy burped in the other person's mouth. So remember, don't eat garlic, or any other food that has a strong smell, before going on a date. It's a very bad idea, and your date will hate you for it.

And you might want to try NOT burping into their mouths. Sometimes dates actually go perfectly—you both had fun; the chemistry was obviously there, and the both of you are completely into each other. So you decide to go back to your place, to, you know, get to know each other even better. But what happened to this person is just terrible.

They went inside the house and, guess what they saw? The person's parents were in the middle of doing it well not in the middle, but at the beginning. I mean, if the person had been alone, it would still have been awkward AF. But imagine your date, who you really like, being there as well—double the awkwardness! Of course, after a situation like that, there was never a second date. I would have a hard time looking at my parents again after this. Wikipedia defines sexual fetishism as "a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part," but it can also refer to "sexual interest in specific activities in common discourse.

Speaking of foot worship, this one person had a weird experience with that well, it's more of toe worship, but that's almost the same. During their first date, the guy asked them to paint their nails so he could suck their toes. That's definitely not something you should ask somebody on your first date with them. And if you really feel the need to say something like that, then maybe you should not be as direct as this guy was.

Let's talk about fetishes a bit more, shall we? As I already said, there are different kinds of fetishes. But sometimes, people just take it way too far. Take a look at this Whisper confession. Seriously, how sick is that? Sometimes you know from the very beginning that the date will go wrong, but you can't do much about it.

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  5. You can't just leave, that would be rude and who knows what the other person would say about you. Take a look at this Whisper confession, and you'll see how bad dates can go. This person went, as they say, on the worst date of their life. You probably wonder what could have gone wrong?